I’m Back!

Several months ago I made a big decision to ditch Blogger and relocate to WordPress.org, self-hosting and all. It seemed like a great idea at the time to have more ownership over my site, more control. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I had to figure out to be able have the level of control I needed, or really, really wanted. And of course life has a way of providing endless distraction…

But here we are, after all that time, back and ready to post again.

2015-08-15 11.38.532015 was both a great year and a terrible one. I’ve previously shared much of what made it great, and kept most of what made it terrible to myself for it is deeply personal (no need to bring anyone else down anyway, right?). Besides a promotion at work, the highlights were my trip to Japan, and this absurdly large BLT at the appropriately named “House of Bacon” in Virginia Beach.

2016-01-01 20.07.54And let’s not forget that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed happened. I feel like that is a much larger conversation than I am currently prepared to have here. I’ll just say I am immensely pleased with that film and leave it at that.

The opportunity I never even considered possible came in the form of Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown playing a show together near my home after the release of Breaking Benjamin’s fantastic new album, Dark Before Dawn.

I didn’t get as much gaming in as I’d hoped, but certainly added more than I needed to the ever-growing collection. Isn’t that always the way it goes? I did manage to finish The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, my white whale. What a frustrating mess that turned out to be. While I love the Bethesda style of open-world, it seemed like the closer I got to the end the more frequently it crashed. Like it sensed our time together was coming to a close and didn’t want to let go. But finish it I did, and immediately attempted to begin the Shivering Isles expansion which completely broke very early on. So I’m completely done with that game and for the most part, satisfied.

I also finished pouring enough time into Sacred 2: Fallen Angel to earn the platinum trophy. No small feat considering you have to complete the main quest at each difficulty level to unlock the next.

I was able to spend some quality co-op time with Borderlands 2, Her Story (I know it’s not necessarily a co-op game, but very satisfying to experience with someone else), Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, as well as Divinity: Original Sin.

I even managed to play through Mass Effect and begin Mass Effect 2.

So I guess I accomplished more than I thought, though most of it was packed into the second half of the year. And I feel like I’m in a great place at the start of 2016. I’m currently in the beginning stages of a construction project in Guam, which is nice. I mean, when home is covered in snow, wouldn’t you rather be at the beach?
2015-12-17 17.22.552016-01-14 10.56.26

My goals for this period of time are simple. I brought the Mass Effect Trilogy with me along with my entire unplayed collection of Assassin’s Creed games (everything after Brotherhood). I plan to finish those by the middle of the year when I expect to return state-side. Should be simple given that I love to snorkel and I don’t even have to drive to reach the water, I’ll also be learning to scuba dive while I’m here, and my wife and I are currently hooked on Divinity: Original Sin and play co-op whenever we can both be online at the same time… Crap! I’ve really got my work cut out for me.

There’s no time like the present to start, so if you excuse me I’ll get to work… just after I finish my weekend snorkel and hanging out with my significant other in Cyseal. In the meantime, check out the coolest side-quest reward I’ve ever seen in a video game from my time in Sacred 2. Thanks for stopping by!

Play nice, everyone!

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