Seabee Junkyard

I still really like video games, I promise! Just in case anyone is thinking, “I guess he just posts scuba diving stuff now…”. I actually spent about 12 hours yesterday making some good progress in Mass Effect 2, and will probably write up something soon regarding my thoughts on the series so far. For now…? Yeah, I guess I’m just posting scuba diving stuff.

I’m happy that I’ll be leaving Guam having little to no regret, once the project here is finished. I can’t say that about every place I’ve traveled to for work. I spend so much time working (construction work tends to involve long hours, and often weekends) that it becomes too easy to spend what free time I have parked in front of a TV with a controller in hand. Not a bad way to unwind, but when the project is finished and I move on to the next one or go back home I can’t help but feel I missed a great opportunity to see the things unique to that particular locale.

Then I went to New Zealand… That was a really big opportunity for me. I got my passport, had my first international travel experience, and saw almost none of New Zealand. I had planned to explore, to bring my wife out for a visit and do touristy things together, but the project was cut short. I didn’t like that feeling as I left.

Guam is a similar “once in a lifetime” chance for me and I don’t want to miss it. I’ve probably been around the entire perimeter of the island at least three times already, made sure my best friend and forever partner got a chance to see some of it with me, and now I’m trying to get in all the diving I can while it’s so convenient to do so. The current plan is to take a boat every weekend.

This has also put a serious dent in my video game time, but I’ll get over it. One dive boat means two tanks, or two dives. You do your deepest dive first, spend about an hour relaxing on the boat while the captain navigates to the next site (surface interval), then do your second dive.

I prefer to schedule this as early in the morning as I can because it takes about half a day, and it feels like I’m still going to have most of my weekend to do whatever else I want. It’s amazing how easily we can fool ourselves! After two dives you are wore out and hungry! The second half of that day you thought you were going to use wisely is spent moving very slowly, and always in the direction of food. But at least I’ll leave Guam feeling like I saw as much of it as I could.

Seabee Junkyard

Seabee Junkyard.00_01_12_07.Still001This is the second dive from the trip that began with American Tanker. It’s a nice 35 foot dive amid abandoned construction equipment and the sea life that has taken it over. At the end of World War II, the equipment and supplies used by the military for work around the harbor was just kind of dumped there. At least that’s my understanding. Dozers, trucks, sections of crane boom and pipe just dumped into the harbor. As with the ship from the last dive, it all belongs to the ocean now.

Seabee Junkyard.00_18_07_59.Still002There was a lot more fish to see here than at the tanker, and a wider variety as well. I saw what I think is a cornetfish just hanging out under one length of pipe. I also watched a puffer fish for a minute, at least I think it was a puffer fish. It had a boxy-looking body. Then there was this really cool little coral head surrounded by many colorful fish.

It was kind of a strange experience, and not just because I was cruising around on the ocean floor like a fish without needing to go up for air (though that still is really great!). Things are starting to come together, to click. I got down to the bottom and established my buoyancy much easier, and as a result had a lot more air for exploring. I was down there for like, 40-45 minutes and still had plenty of air left when I surfaced.

This also meant I had a lot more video from this location, but decided to trim it down to just my favorite bits and try to keep it around 15 minutes. That feels like a good length for sharing a dive. Enjoy the Seabee Junkyard!

Play nice, everyone!

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