Blue Hole

Blue Hole.00_05_06_29.Still001This is reportedly Guam’s most popular dive, the Blue Hole. A vertical shaft extending at least 300 feet deep, with the shallowest exit being a horizontal “window” at about 127 feet, the Blue Hole is a big enough attraction that the local dive shops sell t-shirts to those who are excited to show they’ve been there. The mouth starts at about 60 feet deep, so I only explored around the entrance for now. The above picture is me hovering over the top while my buddy/coworker/dive-enabler works my camera. I hope, in the near future, to venture inside a bit as part of my Advanced Diver Course.

Blue Hole.00_15_55_08.Still001While not nearly as populated with sea life as other locations I’ve been to, the area certainly has its own beauty. Besides, I’m just the kind of guy that can sit and observe a single fish go about its business for hours and be entirely content. I mean, look at this guy (or girl?)!

Not far from the entrance are several large boulders, each with their own little ecosystems doing the whole “circle of life” thing. It’s really amazing when you pause and just look for a while. I’ll have to give it a shot sometime. Currently, I think I’m still trying to take it all in at once. You know, like a dog trying to chase two squirrels, both going in different directions.

Blue Hole.00_12_30_15.Still004And I’ll never tire of the experience when you stop for a bit or turn your head just enough to notice that you’ve been swimming with company all along. It feels like, for a brief moment, that they totally get why you are there and they’re super cool about it.

This was the first dive of the trip on the “daily boat”, which meant that instead of two dive locations selected in advance, the divers on board vote on where they’d like to go. Where will the second dive be? Please enjoy the video below from the Blue Hole while I figure out how much to trim out of the footage I got from our next stop. Oh, and you know I got that t-shirt!

Play nice, everyone!

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